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publish:2023-12-27 17:41:12  

In recent years, the research, development and application of ceramic materials at home and abroad are highly competitive. In order to ensure the market and position in their field, all automobile manufacturers have made great efforts to ensure their own competitiveness. Half of this will be achieved by improving the design appearance, including lens, shell shape, etc. The other half depends on the replacement of lamps. The xenon lamp is replaced with LED headlamp. As the nitrided ceramic substrate is the core material of automobile LED headlamp, automobile headlamp will become the forerunner to verify the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate.

What is the main substrate used in the automotive headlight industry?




There are three kinds of substrates: aluminum substrate, aluminum nitride substrate and aluminum oxide substrate.



Aluminum substrate: a kind of metal substrate with higher thermal conductivity than plastic substrate. When it is used in automobile headlights, it needs better heat dissipation design to match. Otherwise, the junction temperature will still be very high. If the junction temperature is high, it will lead to light failure. If the time is long, the brightness of headlights will be sharply reduced. In addition, the cost of fan radiator in the heat dissipation design will be much higher. Compared with ceramic substrate, it needs more insulation technology.

Alumina ceramic substrate: the widely used ceramic substrate has low cost, and its thermal conductivity is about ten times higher than that of aluminum substrate. It is reasonable to use it as a headlamp substrate. Now, the LED power of automobile headlamp is from more than 20 watts to more than 60 watts. People's intuitive concept of lamp is not enough light. The automobile enterprises will naturally find ways to improve the brightness, brightness and power. Oxygen Aluminum base plate is not enough.



Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate: it is a substrate that is widely used in automobile LED headlights at present. Compared with aluminum oxide ceramic substrate, the thermal conductivity is 10 times higher, almost 100 times higher than aluminum substrate. It is the best choice for high-power headlights. Moreover, the hardness of aluminum nitride substrate is much higher than aluminum oxide, and it solves the problem of fragile ceramic substrate. Because now many car enterprises have changed LED lights, many parts of the production line have not been changed. If aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is used, it can perfectly adapt to the previous production line, saving a lot of expenses for the enterprise.

Why aluminum nitride ceramic substrate?


Because the working temperature of LED headlight is very high. The brightness is linked to the power. The higher the power is, the higher the temperature is. The only way to improve the brightness again is through the fine cooling design or the increase of the heat sink, but the effect is not ideal. Only aluminum nitride ceramic substrate can achieve ideal effect. Firstly, the thermal conductivity of AlN ceramic substrate is very high, which can reach 100 times of that of AlN substrate. Secondly, AlN ceramic substrate has a series of advantages, such as excellent insulation, more matching thermal expansion technology with lamp beads and so on.


Aluminum nitride ceramic is a kind of high-temperature and heat-resistant material. Its thermal conductivity is higher than that of alumina ceramic by more than 5 times, and its expansion coefficient is low, which is consistent with the performance of silicon. The substrate made of AlN ceramic as the main raw material has high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high strength, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical performance, good optical transmission and other excellent characteristics. It is an ideal large-scale integrated circuit heat dissipation substrate and packaging material. With the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, the demand for PCB substrate in China's market is increasing. Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate with its excellent performance, the market share is increasing.

The development prospect of AlN ceramic substrate?


Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is widely used in communication, consumer electronics, power, led, automotive electronics, rail transit, new energy and other fields. Compared with alumina ceramic substrate, aluminum nitride ceramic substrate in our country has a relatively narrow application scope at present, which is mainly used in high-end electronic field. However, with the continuous upgrading of electronic information industry technology, miniaturization and functional integration of PCB substrate have become a trend. The market requirements for heat dissipation and high temperature resistance of heat dissipation substrate and packaging materials have been continuously improved. The substrate materials with relatively common performance are difficult to meet the market demand, and the development of aluminum nitride ceramic substrate industry has ushered in opportunities.


In fact, it's not only the headlights, but also the ceramic substrates used in automobiles, such as various sensors. There are also various high-power modules of smart cars. From the development of automobile industry, we can see how broad the prospect of ceramic substrate is. However, at present, a large number of ceramic substrates used in China are still imported, and the domestic production of this piece is still relatively weak. In the future of more and more applications, the imbalance between supply and demand will lead to a large number of outbreaks in the industry. At that time, ceramic substrate will be more civilian, and will expand the application field.

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