Process for manufacturing black alumina ceramic substrate by casting method

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publish:2023-12-27 17:42:51  
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The casting method refers to the manufacturing process of adding solvents, dispersants, binders, plasticizers and other substances to ceramic powder to make the slurry uniformly distributed, and then making ceramic sheets of different specifications on the casting machine. Called the scraper forming method. This process first appeared in the late 1940s and was used to produce ceramic chip capacitors. The advantages of this process are:

(1) The equipment is simple to operate, efficient in production, capable of continuous operation and high in automation;

(2) The density of the embryo body and the elasticity of the diaphragm are greater;

(3) Mature technology;

(4) The production specifications are controllable and the scope is wide.

The ceramic substrates used in modern production are mostly multilayer substrates. The purity of alumina ceramics is 90.0~99.5%. The higher the purity, the better the performance, but the key problem is that the component has higher requirements for sintering temperature, which leads to The difficulty of manufacturing increases. At present, there are only a handful of companies that can mass produce alumina ceramic substrates in my country, mainly relying on imports. Ceramic substrate companies led by Stoneon are of great significance to the development of my country's ceramic industry.

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