Manufacturing process of black alumina ceramic substrate

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publish:2023-12-27 17:46:13  
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Black alumina ceramic substrates are mostly used in semiconductor integrated circuits and electronic products. This is mainly due to the high photosensitivity of most electronic products. The packaging materials need to have strong light-shielding properties to ensure the clarity of digital display. It is packaged with a black alumina ceramic substrate. With the continuous updating of modern electronic components, the demand for black alumina packaging substrates is also expanding. At present, research on the manufacturing process of black alumina ceramics is actively carried out at home and abroad.

Black alumina ceramics used in electronic product packaging are based on the needs of their application fields. The selection of black coloring materials needs to combine the properties of ceramic raw materials. For example, it is necessary to consider that its ceramic raw materials need to have good electrical insulation. Therefore, in addition to the final coloring degree and mechanical strength of the ceramic substrate, the black coloring material should also consider its electrical insulation, heat insulation and electronic properties. Other functions of packaging materials.

In the ceramic coloring process, the low temperature environment may affect the volatility of the coloring material and keep it warm for a certain period of time. During this process, the free coloring material may aggregate into spinel compounds, which can prevent the coloring material from continuing in a high temperature environment. Volatile to ensure the coloring effect.

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